Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Car Shopper Guy?

The Car Shopper Guy is a Car Buying Agent and not an Auto Broker. A Buyer’s Agent does not represent the client in a fiduciary manner; therefore, The Car Shopper Guy does not accept credit card, debit card, or cash for a vehicle or trade-in deposit or for the purchase an automobile. A Buyer’s Agent accepts one fee for service and explicitly represents the interest of the client. The client pays and purchases directly from the seller; thereby, the client receives all retail benefits, guarantees, warranties, and rebates. A Buyer’s Agent is paid for their exact and complex knowledge, and time spent assisting clients expressly. A Buyer’s Agent does not have a dealership, car lot, does not buy, lease or finance cars, does not sell cars, does not take trade-ins. A Buyer’s Agent does not sell add-ons like extended warranties, mechanical insurance or other goodies. A Buyer’s Agent stands independent of all retail sales.

Are you an Auto Broker?

No, The Car Shopper Guy is not an Auto Broker. We never accept payment from dealerships or buying services. A traditional Auto Broker is paid by the seller and receives a commission from the customer. The Car Shopper Guy never receives a commission, only a small fee from the client to represent them exclusively. We are different than Auto Brokers and traditional buying services that have a conflict of interest. The Car Shopper Guy has a single point interest, the client, our goal is to save our clients every single penny possible and to advise them on every aspect of the purchase.

Why should I use The Car Shopper Guy?

The Car Shopper Guy is a different automotive buying service, “we don’t know a little about a lot, we know a lot about a little,” and that “little” is negotiating and representing our client(s). Cars are generally the second largest purchase that most folks will make, we make that purchase counts for you. There are huge amounts of information on the internet and tons of buying services. The Car Shopper Guy is different because we exclusively represent our client(s). We do not except money from dealers, sellers, or buying services. Some of the reasons our client(s) hire us:

  • They want to save money and time.
  • We understand the traditional and non-traditional approach to car buying.
  • Busy professionals, business owners, stay at home parents, and others.
  • Folks who prefer not to negotiate with a dealership.
  • Folks who recognize getting the right deal is complex.
Why do I need The Car Shopper Guy? I can negotiate my own deal.

The average consumer negotiates and purchases 10 cars in a lifetime. Buying an automobile is frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming. The Car Shopper Guy possesses expertise about the retail market in every aspect and characteristic of the car deal. We are not the best fit for everyone; however, we know for those who choose to save time and money, The Car Shopper Guy hits the mark while you enjoy peace of mind.

How does The Car Shopper Guy save me money?

The Car Shopper Guy performs a market analysis for the automobile with the “have to have” and “must have” equipment you want to own. We offer our client multiple written proposals from their local dealerships. We negotiate for our clients on price, financing, term, extended service contracts, and any additional adds. We are experts in the retail and wholesale industry and offer you peace of mind.  

Does The Car Shopper Guy really save me time?

Our clients don’t visit numerous dealer websites and dealerships, they don’t call dealerships and salespersons don’t call them. Our customers don’t sit across from the salesperson while they either crunch numbers or depart countless times to check with management. Our clients don’t sit on edge of their seats while the sales and finance manager confer on how to structurer the deal. Our clients enjoy peace of mind and enjoy the proposals, consultation, and advice of The Car Shopper Guy. 

How do I pay The Car Shopper Guy?

The Car Shopper Guy keeps it simple we have one fee for each service, that’s it! If you are unhappy with our service, Get you money back hassle-free!


Can you help me regardless of the state I live in?

Yes, The Shopper Guy services clients in all 50 states. Neither the client nor The Car Shopper Guy is required to physically visit the dealership. In most cases the dealer finance manager will complete the finance contract by a salesperson for a wet signature or the internet. The Car Shopper Guy will always push to have the new vehicle delivered to your home or place of your choosing and your trade in picked up. When requested by the client, The Car Shopper Guy will arrange the test drive with a specific dealer representative.

How do I ship a vehicle I purchased out of state?

If you use The Car Shopper Guy, we handle the shipment of a vehicle purchased out of state. In today’s market vehicles are safely shipped throughout the continental US.

Can The Car Shopper Guy negotiate lease deals?

Absolutely, The Car Shopper Guy is a huge advocate of leasing the conditions benefits our clients. We highly encourage that consumers evaluate and compare new car pricing and leasing payments. We can assist you in this process.

I have a buying service and it is pre-negotiated, is it okay to use The Car Shopper Guy?

Yes, it is extremely wise to use The Car Shopper Guy! Generally speaking, there are services out there like; USAA, Navy Federal, Costco, Credit Unions etc. From experience I can tell you that there is zero enforcement of said programs and most consumers would never know if the price is changed. The Car Shopper Guy can hold the dealer accountable to get the buying service price and often for less. Not to mention, there are great deals out there regardless, never base your deal on a friends or family members purchase. Each deal is unique and getting the best deal for you is the mission of The Car Shopper Guy.